EquiTable splits bills fairly. No, really. Fairly.

Believe in equal pay for equal work?
Put your money where your mouth is.


WHO Owes What on That Meal? 

When it's time to split the bill, EquiTable helps you avoid the entrenched discrimination that exists in our society. It doesn't split the bill equally—it splits it equitably. You pay what you should to balance out the wage gap.

fairness, can you handle it?

Using Bureau of Labor Statistics data and maths, EquiTable calculates how much you should pay for dinner. We call it, Affirmative Fractions! Plus, you can share on social media that you're an ally for social justice. You know you want to. 


Dining out with friends and lacking in diversity? EquiTable automatically adds a Pay It Forward Surcharge for homogeneous groups. This suggested donation will help solve the wage gap, even if your meal won't.